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You can buy a standard railing system for staircases and balustrades by paying per "running metre" in accordance with the railing type, or you can make your own choice and pay per component and piece. We offer full set of components for the following bar sizes: Ø12 ; Ø18 ; Ø38 ; Ø50;  Ø60.3

Standard inox railings

Type 1.  Wall Handrail

Type 2.  Staircase/Balustrade Railings

Type 3.  Railings with Horizontal Bar Filling - 2 Bars

Type 4.  Railings with Horizontal Bar Filling - 3 Bars

Type 5.  Railings with Vertical Filling

Type 6.  Staircase Railings with Glass Filling

Type 7.  Balustrade Railings with Glass Filling

Set of Components

Handrail Connecting Bracket (ID: 040*01*1)
T-tube Connection (ID: 080*38*1)
Handrail Support (ID: 090*01*1)
Handrail Support (ID: ......)
Tube (ID: .. x ..)
Cross Bar Holder (ID: 030*06/07/*1)
Insert Tube Connection (ID: 020*38*1)
Tube Connecting Joint (ID: 100*10*1)
Connection Joint Horizontal (ID:..*..*2002)
Connecting Bracket (ID: 040*09*1)
Tube Connection Nipple (ID: 070*38*1)
Connection Joint (ID: 130*02*1)
Inclined Tube Support (ID: 110*38*50*2)
Pool Support For Floor (ID: 110*38*1)
Tube Support For Floor/Wall (ID: 110*38*1)
Glass Holder - Flexible (ID: 120*06*1)
Glass Holder - Spider (ID:01*01*2002)
Support For Glass (ID: 120*12*1)
Spherical End Cap (ID: 060*08*1)
Flat End Cap (ID: 050*38*1)
Elbow (ID: ..x..x..)
Glass Holder (ID: 01*01*2000)
Decorative Beech Sleeve (ID: 300*01*1)
Wall Tube Support Panel (ID: 140*04*1)
Spherical Connecting Ring (ID: ..*..*.)
Connection Sleeve (ID:10-11C)
Domed Nut (ID:10-44C)

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